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Insurance Carriers | Medical Bill & Coding Review


You've got a great track record.

You have worked hard to reduce your clients' medical costs, protected your clients and their employees, and formed valuable relationships with hospitals, among other things. That is why choosing the right hospital bill compliance review company is crucial. Your medical bill and coding review needs the foundation of  a comprehensive compliance analysis that ensures all charges comply with federal regulations.

Your hospital bill compliance review partner should help and support you, not hurt you. They should make you look good, reduce prior-to-pay mistakes, decrease the need to recover overcharges, ensure compliance, and honor your hard-earned relationships with hospitals. They should help you accomplish your goals, all while remaining flexible.


Bring your solutions in house. Take control.

When your hospital bill compliance review resources are right there in-house...right at your fingertips...that affords you the control you need. Our team has developed proprietary software, all based on the federal regulations and guidelines, that automates the majority of the medical bill review process.

But software without great customer service is a frustrating scenario. That's why we fully support our clients with personal, tailored customer service all right here in Virginia. Not only will you receive support in setting up, using, and optimizing your custom software platform, but our team is also available to investigate pending bills or even educate your team to independently investigate pending bills.


Get started for free.

We want to start off by earning your trust. That's why we would like to offer you a free compliance analysis. Included in the compliance analysis is a review of ten recently-paid medical bills. Our team will go to work reviewing those bills, providing your team with actionable feedback and error detection.

Our hope is that we can work together to increase your customer retention, grow your customer base, lower costs and premiums for your clients, and streamline the claims process.